Download Android Emulator Bluestacks

Download Android Emulator BluestacksAndroid emulator blue stacks does not require you to purchase any other hardware device and provides easy access to the google play store.

It provides android experience for windows xp, Mac OSX, Vista 7 and 8  etc.

The application is really simple to download and it`s easy to run.

Android bluestacks interface

– After opening,  Bluestacks continues to white and gray screen which consists of four buttons.

– The buttons display MY apps, 1-click sync,Top charts and App search.

– Top charts  carries the most popular applications and the applications currently topping the charts. 1-clink  sync send these applications to our android devices, MY apps carries all the current installed applications and App search helps us to search for new applications.

– The back button immediately returns us to the previous section and share  our images to the social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Cloud connect

  • Cloud connect is a way of sending app, photos, text messages, app updates, etc from your mobile device to the PC.
  • The setup requires entry of phone number as well as email address.

Sync applications from PC to mobile phones

  • BlueStacks sync your  desired applications from PC  to mobile phones and the other way round with so much ease.
  • After opening MY app on android device, you can start downloading the application from the blue stack to the Android device.
  • You can easily buy custom essays even from your mobile to PC  and when the game is over, you can easily transfer it back.

Full application compatibility

  • The compatibility of applications is hundred percent and even the games

run quite well.

  • You can enjoy the games as it provides tablet with a keyboard dock. This makes the gaming experience more exciting.

Blue stacks gaming experience

  • The games run quite well as they have been tested before on bluestacks application.
  • You can also download games of your choice from the google play store.


Android blue stacks productivity and miscellaneous features

  • You can download a number of applications quite easily and get much of your work done.
  • It offers a simple interface and setup which is easy to operate. You can transfer data, text and do many other tasks without much complication.

Key board and mouse

  • You can enjoy your favorite games with keyboard and mouse.
  • It is an easy way to translate touchscreen controls to these devices which offers an amazing experience.
  • You can enjoy temple run by coordination of keyboard arrow keys with your touch screen gestures.

Android Bluestacks Emulator

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