Download Emulator Andy android


Emulator Andy android – it’s quite interesting and useful application.

Appendix Andy allows you to play games for the Android on your personal computer.

Now you don’t have to strain my eyes playing on small screens of their phones or tablets.

Didn’t want nobody to hurt on account of the small screen, I just take in the comparison screen of the PC monitor.

Emulator Andy something similar to the Bluestacks emulator, but in my opinion, it’s a little better and easier to use.

Let’s look at some features and advantages of this emulator:

1. This is of course that the emulator is a completely free application.
2. Simple and convenient interface.
3. The launch of online games, is much faster than other similar programs.
4. Just a huge library of games.

Download and install the Emulator Andy:

1. Download the installation file of the emulator, it is possible with our customers.
2. Also you can download and website developer.
3. After downloading the installation file on your PC, the installation is performed with the standard method ( by double-clicking the left mouse button on the installation file )
4. Then, within a few minutes Emulator Andy finished installing willow will be able to use it.

Using Emulator Andy, you can not only play games but also to use different apps for the Android. For example, the application Showbox.


The application Showbox is designed for viewing movies online on phones and tablets, but with the help of the emulator is now possible on PC. In Showbox there is simply a huge library of different movies, TV series and cartoons.

More about Showbox for android can be found here.

How to install Showbox on PC read here

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