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Download showbox on Windows Phone

Many people waiting for this app to view and download popular foreign series on your smartphone. Now on Windows Phone smartphone this was possible!

The application ShowBox – this is another reason to abandon tablets with another operating system in favor of WP.

In fact ShowBox is a directory where is gathered the most popular series of our time, such as “the Big Bang Theory”, “the Simpsons”, “the Walking dead” and many more.

The application can be found in about 100 serials, all of them are taken from public sources, that is their main task is to get acquainted.
showbox on Windows Phone

In order to start working with the application you need to register. Then you find yourself in a familiar interface – Microsoft Style UI, it is divided into hubs. The first hub meeting us at the launch of the service is “Series”, here you can select the required series. If you do not want to view the entire list of movies, you can use sorting by rating, name, or date added. Well, or just type the movie name in the search.

The main purpose of the hub “Pack” — a preview of new products. So you can track to see if a new episode of in the directory or not. Hub Downloads. It stores all the episodes of the TV series that you have uploaded and can be viewed in offline mode.

Run ShowBox on your PC | Laptop Download for Windows 8/7/8.1

Before you make a download hub offers you to choose the language and video quality. There is one nice thing – if the battery is less than 20% then the download will not start, the hub serves to connect the smartphone to the power supply. This point is very correct! Agree, no one wants to be without means of communication.

Selecting a series and clicking on it, you see a screen with the screensaver. Here you give a brief information about the film, and offer to talk about it in social media or just clip it on the live tile desktop screen vindobona. Hub “select series” by default offers you the most recent and up to date series of the season. On each icon of the episode there is a progress bar watching the TV series.

For example, interrupting a series in the middle, the app will remember it, and the next time you login, you will begin to view the episode from where it stopped. If you view a movie in the online mode, you can manually select the image quality and the voice language (English and Russian). As we mentioned above, stopping the episode on a certain time and then starting it again, it automatically starts playing from where it stopped.

The new app is available completely free of charge, however in some hubs you will come across ads. To disable it, but it has so much potential. We very much hope that the developers will continue to Refine the application, for example, I would like to see hub “favorites”. This will give the ability to quickly jump to their series. Now this function replaces the live tiles. Well, as a final note: I look forward to when the ShowBox will be available on Windows 8.

Download showbox on Windows Phone

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  1. Its so hard to find showbox and download it on my android or computer i have it on 1 of 4 comouters and tablets and now i have a smart tv i cant wait lol

  2. How can I download shoebox it’s very confusing it would be appreciative of a response to please help. Oh ya need to update the websites to make it easier.

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