ShowBox – now all popular series on Windows Phone

Download showbox on Windows Phone

Many people waiting for this app to view and download popular foreign series on your smartphone. Now on Windows Phone smartphone this was possible!

The application ShowBox – this is another reason to abandon tablets with another operating system in favor of WP.

In fact ShowBox is a directory where is gathered the most popular series of our time, such as “the Big Bang Theory”, “the Simpsons”, “the Walking dead” and many more.

The application can be found in about 100 serials, all of them are taken from public sources, that is their main task is to get acquainted.
showbox on Windows Phone

In order to start working with the application you need to register. Then you find yourself in a familiar interface – Microsoft Style UI, it is divided into hubs. The first hub meeting us at the launch of the service is “Series”, here you can select the required series. If you do not want to view the entire list of movies, you can use sorting by rating, name, or date added. Well, or just type the movie name in the search.

The main purpose of the hub “Pack” — a preview of new products. So you can track to see if a new episode of in the directory or not. Hub Downloads. It stores all the episodes of the TV series that you have uploaded and can be viewed in offline mode.

Run ShowBox on your PC | Laptop Download for Windows 8/7/8.1

Before you make a download hub offers you to choose the language and video quality. There is one nice thing – if the battery is less than 20% then the download will not start, the hub serves to connect the smartphone to the power supply. This point is very correct! Agree, no one wants to be without means of communication.

Selecting a series and clicking on it, you see a screen with the screensaver. Here you give a brief information about the film, and offer to talk about it in social media or just clip it on the live tile desktop screen vindobona. Hub “select series” by default offers you the most recent and up to date series of the season. On each icon of the episode there is a progress bar watching the TV series.

For example, interrupting a series in the middle, the app will remember it, and the next time you login, you will begin to view the episode from where it stopped. If you view a movie in the online mode, you can manually select the image quality and the voice language (English and Russian). As we mentioned above, stopping the episode on a certain time and then starting it again, it automatically starts playing from where it stopped.

The new app is available completely free of charge, however in some hubs you will come across ads. To disable it, but it has so much potential. We very much hope that the developers will continue to Refine the application, for example, I would like to see hub “favorites”. This will give the ability to quickly jump to their series. Now this function replaces the live tiles. Well, as a final note: I look forward to when the ShowBox will be available on Windows 8.

Download showbox on Windows Phone

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Download showbox for android


Show Box (TV Series) — the Lannisters and the Guy in your Android!

This program will allow you without any problem to view their favorite TV shows online.

One of the advantages of this app for Android is the ability to watch one episode after the other: no longer will need to independently switch series. The program has a very easy and intuitive interface.

We offer to your attention a great app for Android devices which is a mobile client, offering more than 10 thousand.

ShowBox – this is a great and so far the only app with so much great functionality and is really quality content.

ShowBox for android is a directory where is gathered the most popular series of our time, such as “the Big Bang Theory”, “the Simpsons”, “the Walking dead” and many more.

The application can be found in about 100 serials, all of them are taken from public sources, that is their main task is to get acquainted.

ShowBox app

The main features of Show Box:

  • Quick view series
  • “The intuitive interface
  • “Constant updates
  • Compatible with smartphones based on Android 2.2 / 2.3 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.1

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The app (ShowBox) was originally unobtrusive advertising in the form of small pop-up banner at the time you press pause playback (if playback is resumed it will disappear), and a large banner that occurs occasionally when you finish watching the series.Show Box app

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Run Showbox for Mac | Download Movies on Mac

Advertisement of totally unobtrusive nature, the developer promises to remove the “one day”, if you click on the big banner.

Everything would be perfect if not for one “but”! The only thing I do not such app – notifications about new episodes of TV shows from your library. There is no doubt that in future updates this innovation will appear.

Download the app in the Play store it is impossible to do so here (Download showbox).

Download Show Box for Android official website

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Moviebox – watch movies online on iPhone or iPad free

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad

Moviebox is ShowBox app only for iOS, which allows you to watch movies online. In order to install it, have a little tough, but it’s worth it!

MovieBox provides the ability to download and watch online movies and TV shows.

Torrents remains the most convenient way to watch movies and TV series. For PC ways to download and watch torrents online a lot. It turns out that for iOS, too, have decision — Moviebox.

This app, which works on the principle ShowBox and allows you to view online torrents.MovieBox App
Applications for obvious reasons not in the App Store, and in order to install it, have to make several actions:

  1. To change the date on your device (Settings → General → date and time) on 16 September.
  2. Visit this link, enter the password “1234” and download the app Moviebox.
  3. To confirm the installation from unknown source.
  4. Go back to Settings –> General –> date & Time and turn automatic time determination
  5. Go to home screen, how to run Movie Box. A text window will appear with the question ”do you want to run Movie Box?”, click ”Continue”.

It is worth noting that Apple has closed the ability to install Movie Box on iOS devices installed with iOS 8.1.

At the bottom of the screen of the application has a small advertising banner that retracts when you view.

Mobdro App

Application perfectly performs its task and allows you to browse torrents on your iPhone or iPad. Before, this could not even dream. Movie library is always growing. As I mentioned above, the new application-despite this, already has a lot of movies and TV shows of different genres.

In the tab “news” you can track the latest added video files. There is also a possibility of downloading videos to your iPad and view it anytime, just go to “My library”. One of the pluses of the app is the ability to ask the developer to add any movie, you need to use the menu item “Order”.download MovieBox

I suggest this app for people who love to watch movies on the go or at home. Movie Box free and available in the default repositories bigboss, just type in the search “movie box”. If you want to know where is the downloaded movie for viewing on your computer or even for something you should go to /var/mobile/library/artworks.

Moviebox for PC

This cool application can be used not only by phone or tablet, but also on the PC. How to install Moviebox on the PC, because it is designed for system Android? Everything is simple. You need to use the Android emulator BlueStacks for PC.

Download BlueStacks from our website and install it on your PC. Then, after installation, shake Moviebox and open it with the emulator. In the emulator are the same as on the phone

That’s all. Pleasant viewing.

ShowBox for iPhone and iPad



Download King of Thieves

The developers at Zeptolab, which gave us the adventures of the nicest Om-Nom, has finally released a new game, which was not a continuation of the cult series, but slightly different projects, with different game mechanics.

In the game for Android called King of Thieves you have to try on the role of king of thieves, who have been in prison, but unknown friend named jeffy helped you get out of jail and even helped to find your own dungeon, where you are nice and settled now collect your own treasures.

But the main feature of the game is that you can steal from other thieves who hid in the dungeons, we should not forget that you can also become the victim of theft, if not properly equip all traps. The game will delight you with a signature style from Zeptolab, fun gameplay and very simple controls.

Gameplay and control:

The idea of the game is very similar to the PC game called The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. That is, you have your own dungeon, where is the totem with crystals and treasures with heaps of gold. You can steal from the same thieves, like you, but you can also Rob.

The only thing that can prevent you Rob someone or to Rob you – it’s a trap, which can be arranged at your discretion. You can also buy a different set of traps to get better protection. If you change the location of some traps, then before saving, you need to go through them. This is quite true, because if someone just took it and made the passage circular saws, through which it is impossible to pass – it would not be very honest. The developers describe the game as a PVP multiplayer platformer that, in principle, correct, but if you don’t want to loot dungeons of other players, you can take part in a single game.

How to be a robbery? For a start you are looking for a random dungeon a real player. After successfully found, decide whether you want to enter into it, after seeing the number of traps. Then you need to break the door, but it will have to find a real castle of a certain number available. To open one lock out one key, but their number is limited. After you have successfully found the right castle, all you need to complete the level and try not to die. Life bar is in the upper right corner.

Each such robbery brings you not only gold, but in some cases the crystals. Crystals need to be improved in special totems to increase your level in the rankings and become the king of the League. The control is performed using a simple touch screen.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game is made in a very similar style as the other projects from Zeptolab. Beautiful, smooth animation, painstakingly detailed graphics and excellent optimization. The soundtrack and sound effects are always gorgeous.

To summarize: King of Thieves is great for anyone who loves online games and do not mind to pass the time in a fun and stylish platformer, which gave the developers at Zeptolab. The game is free, Donat, of course, is present. Enjoy the game!

Download King of Thieves