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Smoothie SwipeHuge surprise appeared on his face, when Google Play was seen the game for Android called Smoothie Swipe. Yes, this is a typical, 3 in a row-oriented, logical game, but the publisher this time were not made by some unknown company and Square Enix, which typically produce only shooters and RPG.

Not installed and not to try such a toy was simply impossible. In the end, what can offer the game. Enjoyable game-play interface with beautiful graphics and “summer” colors, enough fun gameplay, where you will not find a donut place, and also a huge number of levels (400+ levels – this is no joke).
Gameplay and control:

The gameplay is similar to most other 3 in a row. Except that the game mechanics is not classical, i.e. you don’t have to move the elements horizontally or vertically, and you just need to connect them with one line, and you can also connect diagonally, which expands your possibilities in passing certain levels.

With the passage 15 levels was seen only two modes – classic and time. In classic mode you need to score a certain number of points, and also to collect a certain amount of fruit. The limitation is present only on the number of steps, so each turn it is advisable to think carefully before embarking on its implementation. If the levels are all really bad, you can use the boosters that are on the top panel and can really help.

For unused moves during the game you get extra bonus points that will allow you with ease to score 3 stars in quality assessment. For each star you also get the gold that can be spent on the use of those boosters. Also the game has achievements and leaderboards organized thanks to Google Play Games. Control is implemented as simply and conveniently. Hold your finger on one of the fruit, and then start to connect the other similar line.
Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are quite deserves 5+: beautiful, stylish graphics, a lot of effects and smooth animation, well-chosen colors and excellent optimization, which is also fantastic. The soundtrack is fun, positive and even slightly relaxing. To summarize: Smoothie Swipe worthy the attention of every player who loves like 3 in a row and wants in stock to have a huge number of levels. It is distributed for free, Donat is present. Enjoy the game!

Download Smoothie Swipe

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